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COBWEB for Research

COBWEB offers students research experience using our agent-based modeling software and inquiry-based learning. COBWEB is a Canadian Not-for-Profit that helps student researchers achieve their potential.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Basics | Agents | Resources and Food Web | Abiotic Factors and more...

$ 49.99
26 Lessons
4 Inquiry-Based Assignments
Certificate Upon Passing Final Exam

COBWEB Research Course

Are you looking for a research position, but don’t know where to start? Have you wanted to design your own research project and present at a research conference? Then join COBWEB!

At COBWEB, we aim to provide students looking for research experience the opportunity to work in teams to design and execute their own research projects over the span of 10 months. With the help of mentors, teams will be guided through the research process, eventually leading to a poster presentation at the annual COBWEB showcase.

We are looking for committed student
researchers interested in the life sciences, computer sciences, physics, engineering, environmental sciences, social sciences, economics, business or any other research-oriented field who are eager to learn about and utilize the COBWEB software. It is not mandatory to have prior experience with the COBWEB software, though knowing how to use it will be an asset.


$ 500.00 ($50/month)
10 Months
Student Research Opportunity/Experience
Certificate Once Finished


Essential concepts and practices that all researchers must develop have been identified and included in this course (COB644). The material of this course will be taught at a level that is accessible to all participants regardless of prior experience and specialization. By the end of the course, students will be able to create agent-based models, understand research in a broad range of topics, conduct their own experiments, and effectively communicate their own work.

Course Curriculum
Parts of a Paper | Literature Search Workshop | Experimental Design | How to Write and Publish a Manuscript | Poster Presentation Tips and more...



  In-Person (at UofT) | Free | Self-Directed  


Please arrange for a teacher to review your application  and email a reference statement to us at confirming your ability to undertake original research or coding (max 200 words).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brad Bass

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