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Dr. Brad Bass


President of the Board of Directors

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Dr. Brad Bass received his Ph.D. in Geography from Penn State University, in 1989. Since graduation, Dr. Bass has worked in a number of areas: the simulation of complex systems, modelling community energy systems, environmental economics and green infrastructure. In 2012, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his contributions to green roof and green wall research. In 1998, Dr. Bass began to work with students on the development of COBWEB (Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds), an agent-based simulation model. Dr. Bass used COBWEB to open the field of complexity to students. COBWEB is now being used by students around the world to develop original research ideas. Most recently, Dr. Bass’ research has been very multidisciplinary and very interdisciplinary, integrating the social and environmental sciences with publications ranging from the thermal properties of green roofs to the psychology of sick buildings to the costs of algal blooms. Closer to home, and closer to the ground, Dr. Bass likes to get his hands dirty with the establishment of naturalized landscapes. Dr. Bass welcomes students from a number of areas to work with COBWEB or to work on the establishment of urban meadows.



Michael Dinatolo

Board Member | Chief Executive Officer

Medical Science with an Honours Specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Year 4, Western University

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Michael Dinatolo is the CEO of COBWEB Canada, and presently serves on its board of directors. Michael had obtained a medical science degree at Western University, with an honours specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and is currently pursuing a Masters of Biomedical Engineering. Michael is the recipient of the Canadian Graduate Scholarship, making him a top masters student in Canada. Michael is presently working under researchers at CSTAR laboratories and the London Health Sciences Center, investigating fMRI BOLD Signal Variability in pediatric neuroscience. Michael hopes to pursue a career in medicine and medical research, and combine it for his penchant for entrepreneurship. Outside of academics he has achieved a third degree blackbelt and was a karate instructor, worked as a camp director, and as an emergency supply teacher.

As both a board member and CEO, Michael contributes to setting the direction of COBWEB as an organization, and implements the organizations vision. This is done by leading the national team in developing new programs, systems, and strategies to achieve the organizations goals. Along with the officer team, he led the formalization of our research services into a student research program available for any student interested in developing skills required for research. COBWEB is also in the process of developing new courses using the software, and has restructured the internal teams and structure to better serve students pursuing research. Michael is optimistic about COBWEB's future, hoping to formalize partnerships and chapters in cities across Ontario, and grow COBWEB's capacity for taking on new students and its impact in communities across Ontario and Canada as a whole.

Justin Tang is the chief research officer and a member of COBWEB's Board of Directors. He obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science (BMSc) with an Honours Specialization in Medical Cell Biology in his undergraduate studies. He is currently completing a PhD in the field of Anatomy and Cell Biology, with specializations in biotechnology and musculoskeletal health research. Justin is interested in understanding the relationship between Pannexins and osteoarthritis development. He is currently investigating the impact of various patient mutations on Pannexins and how it contributes to their onset of erosive osteoarthritis. Justin is the recipient of multiple prestigious research awards, including the Canadian Graduate Scholar Doctoral award (CGSD) making him a top doctoral student in Canada. In his spare time, Justin works in the Royal Canadian Navy, volunteers for various non-profit organizations, and mentors high school and undergraduate students in numerous international research programs.

As the Chief Research Officer Justin will oversee the development and creation of various COBWEB learning modules. Furthermore, he will act as the head course coordinator for the COBWEB research program and run the entire mentorship team.

Justin Tang

Justin Tang

Board Member | Chief Research Officer

Doctor of Philosophy, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Western University

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