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Dr. Brad Bass

Founder and Executive Director

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Dr. Brad Bass received his Ph.D. in Geography from Penn State University, in 1989. Since graduation, Dr. Bass has worked in a number of areas: the simulation of complex systems, modelling community energy systems, environmental economics and green infrastructure. In 2012, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his contributions to green roof and green wall research. In 1998, Dr. Bass began to work with students on the development of COBWEB (Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds), an agent-based simulation model. Dr. Bass used COBWEB to open the field of complexity to students. COBWEB is now being used by students around the world to develop original research ideas. Most recently, Dr. Bass’ research has been very multidisciplinary and very interdisciplinary, integrating the social and environmental sciences with publications ranging from the thermal properties of green roofs to the psychology of sick buildings to the costs of algal blooms. Closer to home, and closer to the ground, Dr. Bass likes to get his hands dirty with the establishment of naturalized landscapes. Dr. Bass welcomes students from a number of areas to work with COBWEB or to work on the establishment of urban meadows.

Fatima is currently pursuing her MSc in Health Research Methodology (HRM) at McMaster, under the supervision of Dr. Fox-Robichaud, an academic clinician in the Department of Medicine. As a recent graduate of the Honours Life Science program, she is interested in understanding the downstream effects of the social determinants of health on disease outcomes, progression and the broader implications on patients & the healthcare system (Health Services Research). In her spare time, Fatima teaches, volunteers for not-for-profit organizations and mentors high school students.


As the National Coordinator for Student Engagement & Outreach, she is excited to highlight the work being done by students from across Canada and help build a community where both current and new students can learn from one another and better understand the basics of research together!

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Fatima Sheikh

Coordinator of Student Engagement and Outreach

MS.c Candidate, Health Research Methodology, McMaster University

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Saamia Ansari

Communications and 

Web Development Coordinator

    Saamia is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at York University and is looking to become a math teacher in the near future. She is interested in Education for marginalized youth in the STEM field and hopes to support today’s children and youth in obtaining equal access to quality education. Along with her interest in becoming an Educator, Saamia continues to volunteer in Marketing and Graphic Design roles as well as volunteer with non-profit organizations. 


    As the Co-director of Communications: Web Development, Saamia works to design, build and maintain the website while simultaneously engaging with COBWEBs online community. Throughout her time as the team's web developer, she has gained the opportunity to learn from student research and is excited to publish future projects, events and news over the course of her appointment. Ultimately, Saamia hopes to create an efficient and streamlined online web design to connect the COBWEB community.

    Judy is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. She majors in Environmental Studies and Earth and Environmental Systems. She is interested in reducing emissions in the building sector. In the past two years, Judy worked with a startup that produced zero-carbon backyard offices to help others reduce their carbon footprint.


    As the National Communications Coordinator, Judy helps with the recruitment for the UofT Team. She is also responsible for coordinating communication between students and organizers. Judy also assists with outreach on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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    Judy Li

    Communications and Social Media Coordinator

    Environmental Studies and Earth and Environmental Systems, University of Toronto

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