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McMaster University Team

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Anabela Cotovio

Co-Chair and Co-Founder

Health Science, 4th Year, McMaster University

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Anabela Cotovio is currently in her third year of undergrad studying health sciences at McMaster University.  She is a project course student currently working on a study at St.Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Regional Eye Institute under Dr.Chaudhary in assessing the appropriateness and readability of patient-facing educational tools in retinal disease. She was welcomed to COBWEB in high school and presented her model “The Role of Microglia TREM2 on the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease” at various poster fairs including the Canada Wide Science Fair and Sanofi Biogenius Biotechnology Competition. She currently co-leads the McMaster COBWEB Chapter with Fatima where they work with their exec team to help facilitate research projects for both undergrad and high school students in the Hamilton community.

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Fatima Sheikh

Co-Chair and Co-Founder

MS.c Candidate, Health Research Methodology, McMaster University

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Fatima is currently pursuing her MSc in Health Research Methodology (HRM) at McMaster, under the supervision of Dr. Fox-Robichaud, an academic clinician in the Department of Medicine. As a recent graduate of the Honours Life Science program, she is interested in understanding the downstream effects of the social determinants of health on disease outcomes, progression and the broader implications on patients & the healthcare system (Health Services Research). In her spare time, Fatima teaches, volunteers for not-for-profit organizations and mentors high school students.


As the National Coordinator for Student Engagement & Outreach, she is excited to highlight the work being done by students from across Canada and help build a community where both current and new students can learn from one another and better understand the basics of research together!

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Jessica Wang


Health Science, 3rd Year, McMaster University

    Jessica Wang is currently a third-year undergrad student in health sciences at McMaster University. Her project course at the Chen-Huizinga lab studies the effects of autonomic nervous system on colonic and gastric motility. After being introduced to COBWEB in high school, she and her team have created a model on gut-bacteria and depression, as well as a model of antibiotic resistance spread. She is excited to continue working with Anabela, Fatima and the exec team to introduce undergrad and high school students to research and modelling of complex systems in various, novel fields.