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Saamia A.

Communications and 

Web Development Coordinator

    Saamia is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education and is looking to become a math teacher in the near future. She is interested in Education for marginalized youth in the STEM field and hopes to support today’s children and youth in obtaining equal access to quality education. Along with her interest in becoming an Educator, Saamia continues to volunteer in Marketing and Graphic Design roles as well as volunteer with non-profit organizations. 


    As the Co-director of Communications: Web Development, Saamia works to design, build and maintain the website while simultaneously engaging with COBWEBs online community. Throughout her time as the team's web developer, she has gained the opportunity to learn from student research and is excited to publish future projects, events and news over the course of her appointment. Ultimately, Saamia hopes to create an efficient and streamlined online web design to connect the COBWEB community.

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